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Youth Ministry



Youth Group at Husky Basketball

Youth Group had a lot of fun at last Saturday's UW Men's Husky Basketball game against the Utah Utes. Students also go to meet "Dubs" the team's mascot.

The next YG meeting will be Wednesday, Feb. 1 in the Mezzanine where we will plan for the upcoming girls/boys 3 on 3 basketball tournament and the YG Auction project. Come with ideas, stay for the music and treats and an awesomely positive experience.

Myke Folger
Youth Group Leader

Youth Group!

Our Youth Group is growing!  

Meet our Youth Group Leader Myke Folger:

Myke teaches Language Arts and Social Studies at Sylvester Middle School in the Highline School District in Burien.
 He loves his job because he discovers something new about the profession and about children every day.
Myke is married to Barbara and they have three children, all of whom attend St. John School.
The Folger family has been a part of St. John’s for over 10 years.

Questions?  Contact Myke Folger at 206-612-0036;  mykeblaise@comcast.net


“As Jesus with the disciples of Emmaus, so the Church must become today the traveling companion of young people.” 
(Pope John Paul II)


     Our youth ministry program is:

  *Drawing youth into the adventure of discipleship
 *Forming young people in the Catholic faith
 *Calling young people to serve the world
 *Helping youth to make the right connections
 *Seeing youth as gifted and growing
*Responding to the needs of youth and families
*Recognizing parents as partners
*Enabling youth to use their gifts in the parish
 *Investing in youth with our time, talent, and treasure