106 N 79th Street, Seattle, WA 98103

(206) 782-2810

(206) 782-2810




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LinkedIn is a social and business connection that can be used to connect our Parishioners, this also shares your jobs/skills with other Parishioners when they are looking for resources.

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Twitter for our use is meant for last minute messages / reminders. Example - "Morning Mass is cancelled this morning due to icy conditions. Please stay home and be safe and warm." You can follow us on twitter both on your computer and/or cell phone - whichever is the best way to reach you with this more time sensitive information.
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Parish Contact Information

Parish Office

106 N 79th St

Seattle, WA 98103


Fax: 206-770-6494

Pastoral Emergencies: 206-300-0972


Directory   Extension Email/Cell
Fr. Crispin Okoth Pastor 314 frcrispin@stjohnsea.org
Dani D'Amelio PA Administration 313 ddamelio@stjohnsea.org
Teresa Gillett Director of Development - Parish 355 tgillett@stjohnsea.org

Julia Rudden

Kim Burkhardt

Director of Sacramental Preparation

Faith Formation Assistant





Sheila Marty Administrative Assistant 358 smarty@stjohnsea.org
Margaret Golliver Bookkeeper 303 mgolliver@stjohnsea.org
HongPhuc Nguyen Parish Office Administrative Assistant 300 hpnguyen@stjohnsea.org
Dr. Twila McDonell Director of Liturgical Music 360-920-8866 music@stjohnsea.org
  Annulment Advocate   annulment@stjohnsea.org
Steven d'Amelio Maintenance   206-251-8103