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Volunteering at St John Parish and School

Volunteering at St John Parish:

St John firmly believes that the most fruitful and fulflling volunteer ministry flows from ones God-given gifts for service.  We also believe that for all the needs of the parish there are parishioners gifted to meet those needs.  There is no Christian who does not have some gift for building up the Christian community.

Please click here to view the Ministries Directory on the Parish websit

Need help choosing a volunteer activity or have questions about volunteering at St. John Parish?
Please contact the parish office at 206-782-2810 or parishoffice@stjohnsea.org.

Volunteering at St John School:

The opportunities for volunteering at St. John School are vast and varied.  Your enthusiastic volunteerism enables us to keep operating costs low.  Volunteering is also a way for parents to become a part of their student's school life and get to know the teachers, staff, and other parents.  We hope you'll choose activities and events that are interesting to you, fit within your schedule, and reflect the current priorities and needs of St. John.  We welcome grandparents, extended family, parishioners, neighbors and special friends of St. John to volunteer as well. Background checks and Archdiocese-sponsored Safe Environment Program training are mandatory.   Sheila Marty at the Parish office is happy to answer your questions about the Safe Environment Program training and background checks.  Please contact her at 206-782-2810 or smarty@stjohnsea.org.

Please click here to visit the Volunteer Page on the school's website.

Need help choosing a volunteer activity or have questions about volunteering at St. John School?  Please contact the Parent Association Co-Chairs Rachael Groark and Maile Sullivan at parent_association@st-johnschool.org for more information.