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Stewardship at St. John

Everything we have and everything we are is a gift from God.
Stewardship is the ability to share our gifts of life – Time, Talent & Treasure with others,
no strings attached and no conditions.
We share these gifts out of our love for God and gratitude to Him.


Called to Serve as Christ

The Archdiocese of Seattle is committed to providing necessary, long-term resources to the priests and women religious
who have committed a lifetime of service to the Church. With your help, we will give peace of mind to our larger religious community who have spent their lives in service, knowing that their health care will be taken care of.
Please consider supporting this very necessary Capital Campaign. 
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Parish Stewardship

At St John we ask that every family make a pledge each year. 
Your pledge allows us to fund the many ministries, adult and child religious education programs,
sacraments, liturgies, celebrations and costs of having a parish in which to practice our Catholic Faith.

 Click here to pledge

There are several ways to fulfill your pledge. 
Weekly envelopes can be placed in the collection basket or mailed to the parish office. 
There are also convenient online giving options.  We think you will find Vanco Services easy to use
and we will continue to accept online payments through your personal bank.
 If you have any questions or would like our help, please contact the Parish office at 206-782-2810.


Bank EFT Services and Credit/Debit Card Services
(One Time or Recurring Options available)

Donate here.

We will gladly enter the information for you if that is your preference.
Please print the Authorization Form and deliver it to the Parish Office.


Annual Catholic Appeal

Click here to donate.

The Annual Catholic Appeal funds various ministries and services throughout the Archdiocese of Seattle.
Through your generous giving, our 172 parishes & missions and 74 schools help to provide
A Future Full of Hope for thousands of people throughout Western Washington.

Thank you for your generosity.



Learn about creative ways to support your parish and parish school through Planned Giving.