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Our Priest

Fr. Crispin Achola Okoth was born in Mombasa Kenya on September 2nd, 1962. His parents are;

John Okoth (deceased) and Catherine Nyadhi (deceased). He did his primary and secondary in  Mombasa.

 He later did his college and priestly training in Bungoma and Nairobi Kenya before being

 ordained to the sacred priesthood on August 25th, 1990 for the archdiocese of Mombasa.

 In the archdiocese of Mombasa he served in various positions ranging from deputy principal

 in a diocesan seminary, vocation’s director, archbishop’s personal assistant, pastor, in the

 college of consultants, just to mention a few, before proceeding to Rome for further studies.

 He came to the United States in 2003 to raise funds for poor children through Christian

 Foundation for Children and Aging, before his bishop released him to serve here in the

 archdiocese of Seattle. He first served as parochial Vicar in St.Joseph Vancouver and then in

 January 2008, he was asked to serve as interim priest administrator at St.Mary Magdalene,

Everett before coming here to St.John the Evangelist in July of 2008 as Priest Administrator.

His vision is to participate and lead in the process of building a faith and spirit filled

community; a praying community. He believes that a people who are “spiritually healthy”,

 builds a strong, proactive and vibrant community of believers.

 In his spare time, Fr.Crispin likes to read and watch movies, and also to travel whenever

 possible. While in Europe he was blessed to travel most countries of Europe like; Switzerland,

 Germany, Spain, France etc, he has also travelled extensively in Africa and speaks several

 African (Kenyan) languages.


“My call to each of our parishioner is: find your space in here at St.John’s and help in building

 God’s kingdom here and now within our community.”

He says, And may God find Glory in everything we do!.