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  Seattle Camino de Santiago


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Event Summary

On April 8th, 31 "pilgrims" shared a hot lunch at Crispin's Kitchen, prayed the first two Stations of the Cross in our church, were blessed on our way by Father Crispin, and headed to the bus stop at Greenwood and 85th.  We bussed and walked to five more churches, praying two stations at each, on our way to St james Cathedral, where we prayed the final two Stations around 5pm.  En route we visited Blessed Sacrament, St Patrick, St Joseph, Immaculate Conception and St Ignatius.  Our oldest pilgrim was 92, and our youngest was 8.  Four pilgrims took turs leading us in prayer.  Several joined us from other parishes.  Everyone found this mini-pilgrimage with like-minded Catholics to be a rich preparation for Holy Week.  St John Cathedral Builders team hopes to repaet it next "Palm Saturday", so, mark your calendars now and save the date:  Saturday afternoon, March 24, 2018.


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