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Sister Parish / Amigos de Peru

Our Mission: We aim to benefit each other's communities with our abundance of our prayer and resources, to learn from the joys of service and care, to expand our moral and spiritual imaginations through solidarity across the world, and to deepen our own spiritual lives by learning of the insights, practices and wisdom of other cultures.

La Inmaculada/Taller Miranda Orphanage

La Inmaculada is aCatholic school that serves children from ages 4 to 17.  Although it is a private school, the resources are limited. The Taller Miranda Orphanage is located adjacent to the school and the 40 or so children of this orphanage work hard to earn their keep and attend the school. Most recently, we raised money to support the "playground project" at the orphanage.  Some pictures of the project are posted and we look forward to viewing the final product!  We give a special thanks to Carolina Carrion, a former teacher from La Inmaculada School who spent 5 months volunteering at St. John in 2008 as part of a formal teacher exchange program established by the Amigos de Peru. She also served as our translator and tour guide on our most recent visit in the spring of 2011. 

San Miquel Parish

San Miquel Parish, located outside of Puno at approximately 13,000 ft elevation, reaches out to the large indigenous population living in the region. Historically, the people of this town have suffered from political and societal issues, and the climate and high elevation make it an extraordinarily difficult place to grow crops. Currently, the Amigos de Peru are working to open a computer lab to be used for youth groups, homework clubs, parenting classes, catholic faith groups, and classes for those preparing to receive the Sacraments. We will be supplying them with funds for books, 10 computers, printers, a DVD player and two staff members to run the facilities.

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